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Mar 2020

Post Super Tuesday – What’s the outlook?

We take a look at what to expect now that the path to November elections is a little clearer following Super Tuesday. Plus, where is the value in the American Energy Innovation Act, and how will the EU’s plan for a carbon border affect the U.S.?

Feb 2020

ZNF DC Update - How climate change will play out in 2020 elections

In this episode, we look at the latest progress in Washington D.C., and look closely at whether climate change issues will be a high voting priority in the coming election. Plus, we highlight progress in climate bonds and note the rise of resiliency bonds.

Dec 2019

ZNF DC Update – More climate emergencies in the making

In this episode, we give a brief outlook on progress in Washington D.C. for the remainder of 2019. Plus, we take another look at what makes a climate emergency declaration useful in today’s political environment, from the micro-local view to the global view.

Nov 2019

Washington Update: The Trouble with Trump and California

In this episode, we provide an update on appropriations, a continuing resolution, the nomination of judges and the conflict between the Trump administration and California over rules on vehicle emissions that has created a division in the auto industry.

Oct 2019

Here’s What to Expect Next in the Global Youth Movement on Climate Change

With the global climate strike behind us, we look at what actions the young people of the world are taking next to affect change in the political structure that is determining their environmental future.

Oct 2019

How the Youth Movement Turns Political Words into Political Will

In this first edition of "A Piece of My Mind," Joel Stronberg examines the alchemistic role of the climate youth movement in turning base political words into precious political will.

Sep 2019

ZNF DC Update - How Trump Creates Uncertain Industries

In this Washington D.C. update, we discuss standards for light bulbs, fuel economy and methane, and how Trump’s leadership style on these issues is causing uncertainty for businesses. Plus, we give an overview of our upcoming podcast on the single greatest threat to island communities and cultures - climate change.

Aug 2019

ZNF DC Update - Climate Emergency in the Making

In this episode, we give a quick status update on Congress during recess. Plus, we dig into what makes a climate resolution useful and what everyone can do to push for a climate emergency declaration for their communities that has meaning and action behind it.


Aug 2019

ZNF DC Update - Climate and Agriculture

In this first episode of the second series of Zero Net Fifty, we discuss the upcoming Global Climate Strike, plus, in a Washington D.C. update, we explore why the Democrats are thinking about climate and agriculture.

Jul 2019

Why Did Canada Declare a National Climate Emergency? And Should the US Do It Too?

In this season ender, we take a look at what has been happening in Washington, D.C., before the holiday break and the release of the Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule. Plus we discuss the latest effort by Canada’s House of Commons to declare a national climate emergency and why it matters to the US. The ZeroNetFifty podcast will return with a second season in August.

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