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Jun 2019

How Does the Resilience Economy Grow? And How Can We Help It Thrive?

In this episode, we look at the driving force of the US House in Washington D.C. right now and what it expects to accomplish for climate and energy policy in the face of Senate resistance. Plus, we examine the critical efforts of nations and subnationals to build adaptable communities for both the immediate and anticipated effects of climate change.

May 2019

The Clean Energy Standard Act of 2019: Is the Timing Right for This Clean Policy?

In this episode, we delve into Renewable Portfolio Standards – what’s the latest from states; who is taking aim at them and why; and is it the right time for the US to adopt a national clean energy standard? Plus, we discuss the importance of Washington state’s new law on HFCs.

May 2019

Controlling the Narrative: Why Some Climate Science Deniers Are Saying They’re Believers

In this episode, we look at the week in Washington DC and discuss a shift by US Republicans in how they’re talking about climate change. Plus, we ask, who holds the power in global climate change policy making and who is rising in the ranks?

Apr 2019

Is Global Cooperation Important on the Path to Deep Electrification? Or Is It Just a Fantasy?

In this episode, we discuss a new proposed pathway to deep electrification by 2050 to meet the Paris Agreement goals. And we look for the role of a global cooperative agenda on that pathway. Plus, we highlight appointments from the Trump Administration and what states think about the recent executive order to expedite pipeline permits.

Apr 2019

Introducing the Green Real Deal - What Is It? Why Does It Matter?

In this episode, we discuss the new Green Real Deal resolution and activity from the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis. Plus we dig into the new “Banking on Climate Change 2019” report and the fossil fuel investments of the world’s biggest banks.

Mar 2019

Will They, Won’t They? The Green New Deal Track in House, Senate

In this episode, we look at how the Green New Deal will move forward in the House and Senate and what the motives of Democrats and Republicans look like in that process. Plus, we discuss the recent student strikes and proposed global policies for a circular economy.

Mar 2019

Climate Change Is Not a US Security Threat: Or Is It? Climate Science Deniers Could Decide

In this episode, we discuss forward movement on the US House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis as well as Republican messaging in recent Congressional committees digging in on environment and climate change. Plus, we look at the potential outcome of a new approach from the Trump Administration to let climate science deniers tackle the question of whether climate change is a threat to US national security.

Feb 2019

Clean v. Green: Does Internal Conflict Hinder the Environmental Cause?

In this episode, we look at the perspectives that have formed over what the right path forward is for a healthy climate. And we discuss the Green New Deal in relationship to the international agreement on the 2030 Agenda from 2015.

Feb 2019

Climate Policy Mired in Politics – Is there a Way Forward?

In this episode we discuss the reintroduced Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act and insights from the Green New Deal resolution. What are the issues these policies face in relation to the timeline for making a difference on terms that matter for the climate?

Jan 2019

‘Sleepwalking into Catastrophe’: Can 2019 Turn the Tide on Climate?

The World Economic Forum’s Global Risk 2019 report puts the environment among the top risks, calling for coordinated international action to secure the future of our natural systems. We discuss what we are doing now to make the next 12 years we have to make a difference count. Plus, we give an update on new committee appointments in the US Congress and the possible showdown between states and federal powers on environmental matters.

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