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Zero Net Fifty

Aug 2020

ZNF Shorts – What does a ‘total fossil fuel lock down’ mean?

August 9, 2020

In this short-format edition of Zero Net Fifty, we bring the call for a “total fossil fuel lock down” into focus.

What does the REN21 call for this lock down look like, as proposed in its Renewables 2020 Global Status Report?

REN21 says we’re making progress on this lock down in some sectors – think electricity and energy efficiency – but we need to be making progress across all power sectors – think heating, cooling and transportation.

Of those sectors, we dive into transportation – with a look at what policy and progress has targeted so far and what needs more attention.

Specifically, within the transportation sector, electric vehicle policies may seem like they are moving quickly, but are they?

Listen to this 20-minute episode to understand why EVs might not be as far along the progress chain as we need them to be, and where improvements should be made.